Thank You!

Now that several days have gone by since the election, I finally have found the time to reflect on my campaign to flip Senate District 20 seat from red to blue.

When I launched my campaign in May of 2019, I did not know how much learning, work, and even fun would be packed into the next 18 months. I did not know how many of you would step up and play such an important role in my campaign. To all my supporters and volunteers, I offer a sincerely and deep felt Thank You.

rhonda martin banner in parade

While we did not flip the seat this time, the priorities I campaigned on – good schools, access to medical care when we need it, and protecting and improving our environment – these issues are not going away just because I lost this race. After hearing the experiences of so many people in our district – I know that these are the issues that resonate for all of us.

I will continue to advocate on these issues as a concerned citizen. Just as we did before this campaign, I know many of you will be working on these issues with me. Just as we did before this campaign, our efforts will make a difference. There is so much to be done and our work continues.

Thank you again for all you did for me. I am sorry I was unable to land a victory. But I look ahead to progressive change we can still and will make in the future.

~ Rhonda

Rhonda Martin